You Have Lots To Offer

How will you spend your time in your Third Age?  Can you generate extra income? As you think about it, know that you have many options because, at this age, you have lots to offer.

Your OptionsRetirement

Review this list and consider what you have right now:

  1. Your Skills that others could use – writing, organizing, bookkeeping/accounting, counselling, facilitation, web design, computer coding, cooking, sewing, gardening, music for example.  Make a list of your skills.
  2. Your Knowledge that could be shared – computer software, spiritual practice, health & fitness, the labour market, investing, another language are some examples.  What can you add here?
  3. Your Wisdom that is useful to another generation – leadership, customer service, telephone skills, etiquette.  You may be wiser than you think!
  4. Your Interests that could be expanded – literature, language, culture, science, politics, environment, art, sports, travel.  Some of these involve both skill and knowledge.

Now is the time to expand into another arena.  Choose your top three and take your research and focus on these fields. Decide which one has the most potential to give you joy and income in the future?  Which one would you say you are passionate about?

If you can’t decide, perhaps my mini-course How To Find My Passion will be of interest.


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