Writing An Outline For Your Article

“Writing An Outline For Your Article”

Organizing your thoughts and ideas. An outline makes writing much easier.

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The way for all of us is to do what works for us. It is usually influenced by our learning style and the way we were educated. There is a progression that takes place:

  • We determine the topic and do the research on Keywords and content.
  • We step away from the computer and brainstorm everything we want to include in the piece.
  • We put the material into a logical sequence – can use mind mapping or post-it notes for this.
  • We write the content using pen & paper and upload it to an electronic system – Google Docs, Evernote or for longer pieces Scrivener.

There is a new product that lets us do the writing and uploading so that the work is only done once: Rocket Book lets you write the content with a pen, then the content is uploaded and converted to text. Worth looking at to save paper and time/effort.

One member said he does all the notes, outlining and writing electronically.  Yet another likes to use a voice to text software.

Our Operating Principles:

* Relationships before business (LA)
* You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler)
* Be helpful – with no expectations (Bill)
* We stand for positive possibilities and keep an open mind (LA)
* We deliver our messages with integrity – we deliver what we say we will deliver (Nathan)
* We never sell anything we are not prepared to deliver impeccably (Sue)
* We exceed expectations (Alanna)
* MOZ Code – TAGFEE – Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional (Jay)

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  1. 9:23 AM
    David Flannery
    Scrivener – ​https://www.literatureandlatte.com/sc…

    9:29 AM
    LowellAnn Fuglsang
    ​Nathan’s article – http://natsegal.com/_writing/outline.pdf

    9:34 AM
    David Flannery
    ​Amazon link to RocketBook – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZXWVZ3X

    9:43 AM
    David Flannery
    Fred’s Notebook – ​https://www.amazon.com/dp/1096726165

    9:46 AM
    David Flannery
    Amazon link to Book “Start with Why” – ​https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002Q6XUE4 the notes:


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