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Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 21st- 2021  at 9:00 am Pacific Time.

Vivek Rao will host and present some valuable knowledge that we may not be aware of.

What’s up with WhatsApp?

We shall share and discuss the Secure Chatting platform from Facebook. It is called “WhatsApp”.  I suppose there is a bit of play on words there. We shall explore it further, compare it to other chat platforms, security implications of each etc.

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Secure Chat


Secure Chat

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Success Circles”

  1. Hey Lowell,

    I watched this episode on Writing an Outline for Your Article, very useful as it gives many new ideas to me on how to outline and do proper research for my next articles.
    All of you have given some great suggestions, including Nathan’s Scrivener, Dave’s Dragon Naturally Speaking and Jays’ suggestion of Google Doc, Voice to Text alternative, all of them are so useful.
    I also like Jay’s suggestion of taking inspiration from all, taking little bits from all and follow what works for you.
    that’s very true, as we all have our own way to create content, and we should find out what is the best way to create content for ourselves.
    Thanks for providing much useful information and knowledge through your weekly Success Circles, I am learning many new things from it.


    • We missed you this week Jivita! It’s great that you were able to listen in. Thanks for your feedback.

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