The Chimp Paradox Review Part 1 – #BYOC20201006

The Chimp Paradox Review Part 1 

October 6-2020@ 9:00 am PT

Vivek Rao  provides this book review


The book “The Chimp Paradox”  by Dr Steve Peters tells us that our chimp brain is the part of the brain where our emotions are, and the human brain is where our ability to think things through logically sits.  Each has a different agenda:

Chimp Brain:  survival, protection of the species, marking our territory. It deals with feelings & impressions, sees things as black or white, can sometimes be irrational.

Human Brain:  Finding purpose, harmony, peace & justice.  It looks at facts, structure, context and perspective as well as finding what is true.  It deals in shades of grey.

He says the Chimp brain is like our pet dog.  It can sometimes be unruly and it is our responsibility to manage it.  

Two Videos by Dr Peters:   Ted Talk and about his book:  

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