The Chimp Paradox Review Part 2- #BYOC20201013

The Chimp Paradox Review Part 2 

Oct. 13-2020@ 9:00 am PT

Vivek Rao will complete the review.


The Brain as a divided planet.  Parts include:  Chimp, Human & Computer (according to Dr Peters)

The Computer is the reference source that stores items that were inherited, and the result of exposure to our environment and life experiences.

Autopilot – contains the good habits that we don’t need to give much thought to,

Gremlin – brings in destructive beliefs and behaviours that can be changed

Goblin – is hardwired and much harder to remove 

The Stone of Life – contains our truths, values, beliefs and life force that are also hardwired.

An important Autopilot message to help prevent the Gremlins and Goblins from ruling our lives:  “I am worthy just as I am.”

Dr. Peters website Chimp Management

Where to acquire the book:  Amazon

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