Thank You

Thank you for purchasing  Create Your Mastery Plan 

LowellAnn FuglsangThis is LowellAnn, and  I will be guiding you through this course.  Take your time with it and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that you will experience as you progress.

What To Expect

Expect to receive an email to the account that you used while paying for this course.  This email message will give you a link that asks you to set your username and password for this course.  You will see a Word Press confirmation window with a link back to the Home page.  Find the course page in the navigation bar or sidebar.  The course page shows a login button on the upper right.  Enter your email and password there.  You will then be able to log in and out whenever you wish provided that you remember the email you used and the password.

Your Progress

But be sure to ask any questions that arise in any of the Modules.  Simply put your questions in the Comments Section just below the module content and I will place my responses there as well.  I can arrange a live conversation using Zoom if you really get stuck!  It’s important to me that you achieve the success that you desire.