How To Write Blogs- #BYOC20210803

How To Write Blogs

“How To Write Blogs “ Aug. 3-2021@ 9:00 am PT Mathieu Powell shares ways to stay on top of it.  Notes:   The Formula: Decide what you want to write about Do some research – Google and Bing Decide on your objective (this becomes your title) Brainstorm the points you want to cover (your bullet points …

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Google Core Vitals- #BYOC20210629

Google Core Vitals

“Google Core Vitals “ June 29-2021@ 9:00 am PT What factors are most important now? (load speed, SSL, image size, what else?)  Notes: Servers Recommended Cloud Ways for hosting Cloud Flare for CDN Mainsheet for email Themes GeneratePress Cadence Elementor Divi Measuring Tools Google Page Insights Google Lighthouse G T Matrix See the  Google Slides …

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Blog Styles- – #BYOC20210615

Blog Styles

“Blog Styles “ June 15@ 9:00 am PT How many are there and what are they best used for?  Notes: How to Begin  Start with the end in mind.  Why write this blog?  Then think about the best style to use. Blog Styles Informational – gives lots of content and sources; Reviews – books, colleges, …

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How To Create CTAs- #BYOC20210525

How To Create CTAs

“How To Create CTAs “ May 25th-2021@ 9:00 am PT   What are CTAs?  Why use them?  When and How to use them.  Notes: Yes, we agree that every page and post should contain some sort of CTA.   It is important to be clear about the page purpose and what you want the viewer to …

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The Importance of SEO- #BYOC20210511

The Importance of SEO

“The Importance of SEO “ May 11-2021@ 9:00 am PT Jay Neill demonstrates how and where SEO happens  Notes: Google Algorithm Notes Page experience Render time of the largest image or text block. Maximum load time 2.5 seconds Interactivity. User must click or open something on your website. Engagement and CTAs Visual stability. Remove anything …

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Blog Layout for 2021- #BYOC20210504

Blog Layout for 2021

“Blog Layout for 2021 “ May 4-2021@ 9:00 am PT The group and Jay Neill share their observations  Notes:  The elements we consider as we decide on blog and website layout: The niche – Sale of product or service or just information; Target viewer – Especially age – youth favour mobile; How to engage with …

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About Amazon Polly – #BYOC20210413

About Amazon Polly

“About  Amazon Polly “ April 13th-2021@ 9:00 am PT Let’s look at how to get it and how to use it.  Notes: Jay’s conclusion:  Polly becomes very expensive after you set it up to sound natural.  It did not seem to make viewers stay on his site longer (which is what he was hoping for) …

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Google A B Testing – #BYOC20210112

Google A B Testing

“ Google A B Testing “ Jan.12-2021@ 9:00 am PT Alanna Birmingham shares her discoveries  Notes: About  A  B Testing Another term for A B Testing:  Split Testing – Comparing two versions of something on your website to determine which your audience relates to best. When would you use A B testing?  After your site has …

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Favourite WP Plugins – #BYOC20201222

Favourite WP Plugins

“Favourite WP Plugins “ Dec. 22nd – 2020@ 9:00 am PT What are the good ones?  Notes: Participants requested a list of the plugins discussed. Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) * You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler) * Be …

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Tips On Keyword Searching – #BYOC2020728

Tips On Keyword Searching featured image

“Tips On Keyword Searching “ July 28-2020@ 9:00 am PT Without A Specialized Tool  Notes: Bootstrap approach  as outlined in David’s presentation How To Do Brand Plan Without A Keyword Tool Find your passion Determine your categories Do your research – Use alphabet soup method Check your competition – Look to see who is …

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How To Build a Course on Your Website – #BYOC2020721

How To Build a Course on Your Website featured image

“How To Build a Course on Your Website“ July 21-2020@ 9:00 am PT Keeping it simple and affordable  Notes from the Presentation: Our Why: Keep visitors on your own real estate so they will constantly return to your website Automate progress through the course Keep track of participant progress Automate tracking their progress Computer …

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Build A New Website- #BYOC2020714

Build A New Website featured image

“Build A New Website-“ July 14-2020 @ 9:00 am PT What choices must be made? What theme?  Gutenberg?  Page Builders? What branding?  Notes: This session is especially for newbies.  Decisions to be made before you do anything:  What is the purpose of this website?   Who is it for?  Make note of everything you …

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Upgrade An Old Website – #BYOC2020707

Upgrade An Old Website featured image

“Upgrade an Old Website“ July 7-2020@ 9:00 am PT What choices must be made? What theme?  Gutenberg?  Page Builders?  Notes: Upgrading a website should be an ongoing process.  That means we are all considering an upgrade right now.  Reasons why we should consider doing it: Outdated layout/visuals Business fennel is changing The audience has …

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How To Stop The Spammers – #BYOC2020616

How To Stop The Spammers Featured Image

“How To Stop The Spammers“ June 16-2020 @ 9:00 am PT Steps and Plugins to keep them out  Notes:  Know the difference between spam and hacking because each requires a different approach.  It’s very important to stay informed because things online change rapidly. Spam:  Use a decoy email address for testing and joining.  Never …

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Solopreneurs Prepare For A Personal Emergency – #BYOC2020324

Solopreneurs Prepare For A Personal Emergency

“Solopreneurs Prepare For A Personal Emergency“ March 24-2020@ 9:00 am PT A group discussion that will stimulate our thinking about taking care of our business in the event of an emergency.    Notes: Covering our business commitments to clients:  Our families usually don’t know how to do our work so this makes it necessary …

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How To Attract Visitors To Your Website – #BYOC2020303

Attract Visitors To Your Website

“How To Attract Visitors To Your Website“ March 3-2020 @ 9:00 am PT Exclusivity or Scarcity? Personalizing?  Group Discussion     Notes: Following on the question “does it make sense to simulcast to several platforms (YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch)  when our goal is to guide people to our own real estate (our website)?”   Spreading our …

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WordPress WordFence

WordFence plugin

“WordPress WordFence“ Dec. 3rd @ 9:00 am PT We will discover how to make the most of WordFence (Alanna & LA& Jay)    Notes: WordFence is a WordPress plugin that prevents hackers from entering your website.  It is both a Free and Premium plugin. When itès doing its work it may slow your site …

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Stop Website Spam

Stop Website Spam

“Stop Website Spam“ Nov. 5th @ 9:00 am PT We discussed our experiences with website spam.  Check the sidebar for content from Live Chat and Zoom Chat Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) * You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig …

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The Key To Keywords

The Key To Keywords

“The Key to Keywords“ Sept. 24th @ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao will share his research on keyword research.  Notes:  Contrary to practices in the past Vivek suggested that “keyword density” is not an effective way to be found in Google Search.  However, it does make sense to find keywords or phrases that your …

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Tips For Writing Great Posts

Being Your Own CEO banner

“Tips For Writing Great Posts“ How to ensure that your list members open and read your posts    Notes: Important to know just what you want to write about, then do some keyword research. You need an enticing Title that evokes emotion, curiosity or responds to a need or want. Using power words or …

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