Writing Product Reviews – #BYOC20210302

Writing Product Reviews

“Writing Product Reviews  “ March 2nd @ 9:00 am PT Make them organized and easy to follow.  Notes: We discuss our experiences while writing product reviews.  We consider tangible products, service and apps in our definition of “product”.  Being clear about why we are doing it and who we want to connect with.  We …

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The Chimp Paradox Review Part 2- #BYOC20201013

The Chimp Paradox Review Part 2 featured image

“The Chimp Paradox Review Part 2 “ Oct. 13-2020@ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao will complete the review.  Notes: The Brain as a divided planet.  Parts include:  Chimp, Human & Computer (according to Dr Peters) The Computer is the reference source that stores items that were inherited, and the result of exposure to our environment …

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The Chimp Paradox Review Part 1 – #BYOC20201006

The Chimp Paradox Review Part 1 featured image

“The Chimp Paradox Review Part 1 “ October 6-2020@ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao  provides this book review  Notes: The book “The Chimp Paradox”  by Dr Steve Peters tells us that our chimp brain is the part of the brain where our emotions are, and the human brain is where our ability to think things …

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Choose Between Laptop or Chromebook – #BYOC2020804misc

Choose Between Laptop or Chromebook featured image

“Choose Between Laptop or Chromebook “ Aug. 4-2020 @ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao has done some comparisons  Notes: When to go with Chromebook: * Your work is mainly in the cloud * You need portability * You don’t want to blow the bank with the cost When to go with a laptop: * …

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Introduction to Teamviewer- #BYOC2020331Mis

Introduction to Teamviewer

“Introduction to Teamviewer“ March 31-2020 @ 9:00 am PT David Flannery will share how he uses this interesting software    Notes: Apologies  – some computer gremlins were at work this morning. Many of us find ourselves helping friends & family tap into various programs needed while being isolated and working from home. Teamviewer allows …

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Canva Made Easy

Canva Made Easy

“Canva Made Easy“ March 10-2020 @ 9:00 am PT David Flannery and Jay Neill are the experts who will share.    Notes: Canva is both quick and easy.  There are many useful templates for all social media platforms as well as other useful business items – business cards, rack cards, flyers, etc.  The free …

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Kajabi vs. WordPress

Kajabi vs. WordPress

 “Kajabi vs. WordPress” Jan. 14th @ 9:00 am PT Jay Neill will share his observations    Notes: Success all depends on the work we put into our business websites.  We must constantly create content!   Kajabi is a content management system for building and maintaining a knowledge product type website. It integrates a lot of …

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Raspberry Pie Computers

Raspberry Pie Computers

“Raspberry Pie Computers “ Nov. 12th@ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao  tells us all about this alternate technology  Presentation Notes: Raspberry Pi is a kit with a motherboard the size of a credit card.  Schools are using these packages to train youngsters that are interested in learning about technology.  The board can be programmed …

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Test Using WebinarBlaze

Being Your Own CEO banner

“Test Using Webinarblaze” My on-going search for a platform that includes the chat in the video.  YouTube Live Comments Andrew Hatchett ?Test successful! ?? 12:06 PM Andrew Hatchett ?Hmmm….. 12:10 PM Andrew Hatchett ?I see it says 2 waiting… 12:11 PM David Flannery ?Hello Andrew 12:11 PM Andrew Hatchett ?Hi David ?? 12:12 PM …

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