What Are The Benefits Of LinkedIn Premium- #BYOC20210914

What Are The Benefits Of LinkedIn Premium

“What Are The Benefits Of LinkedIn Premium “ Sept. 14th @ 9:00 am PT LowellAnn shares her research on this  Notes: Site Shared in the Session: Transform Your Page Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) * You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want …

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Impact of Disposable Email Addresses – #BYOC20210907

Impact of Disposable Email Addresses

“ Impact of Disposable Email Addresses “ Sept. 7th @ 9:00 am PT LowellAnn  and Group discussion about going forward in online business  Notes: We all have our frustrations with spam and our own ways of dealing with it. Resources Mentioned: Simpletivity 10 Minute Mail Otter Transcriber Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) …

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Staying In Touch With Your Clients- #BYOC20210720

Staying In Touch With Your Clients

“Staying In Touch With Your Clients “ July 20-2021@ 9:00 am PT You’ve finished the project, now how do you stay connected?  Notes: Platforms and Tools Mentioned VidYard:  https://www.vidyard.com/  Less Annoying CRM: https://www.lessannoyingcrm.com/  Evernote:  https://evernote.com/  What is Clubhouse:  https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/what-is-clubhouse-app  Discord:  https://discord.com/  Jacquie Lawson Cards:  https://www.jacquielawson.com/  Zoom:  https://www.zoom.us/  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/  What’s App:  https://web.whatsapp.com/ Our …

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What Is Engagement? – #BYOC20210601

What Is Engagement?

“What Is Engagement? “ June 1st-2021@ 9:00 am PT Starting a conversation with a prospect you don’t know  Notes: How to Engage Connect with those that you see on a regular basis – whether that’s in a webinar, on social media, or face-to-face event; Connect with individuals on a personal, informal level; Find common ground; …

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How To Create CTAs- #BYOC20210525

How To Create CTAs

“How To Create CTAs “ May 25th-2021@ 9:00 am PT   What are CTAs?  Why use them?  When and How to use them.  Notes: Yes, we agree that every page and post should contain some sort of CTA.   It is important to be clear about the page purpose and what you want the viewer to …

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Business Promotion Ideas – #BYOC20210330

Business Promotion Ideas

“Business Promotion Ideas“ March 30 th-2021@ 9:00 am PT Let’s look at what Meera  Kothand recommends  Notes:  Promotional ideas – lost leader, email promo, social media, especially Pinterest & Twitter, Sending cards, sending chocolates.  Focus on the benefits to the client. Links That Were Shared Selling The Intangible https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XX82ZJB/ Dean Jackson https://breakthroughdna.com/ Send Out Cards https://www.sendoutcards.com/app   …

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Membership Sites – #BYOC20210309

Membership Sites

“Membership Sites  “ March 9th @ 9:00 am PT Where should they be?  Notes: In this discussion, we define membership sites and explore why we would want to create four types.  We determine when is the right time to do one as well as what tools to use in creating one.  Finally, we discuss …

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Writing Product Reviews – #BYOC20210302

Writing Product Reviews

“Writing Product Reviews  “ March 2nd @ 9:00 am PT Make them organized and easy to follow.  Notes: We discuss our experiences while writing product reviews.  We consider tangible products, service and apps in our definition of “product”.  Being clear about why we are doing it and who we want to connect with.  We …

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Filming the Testimonial – #BYOC20201201

Filming The Testimonial

“Filming the Testimonial “ Dec. 1st – 2020@ 9:00 am PT David shares what happens next.  Notes: David used his smartphone and tripod to film the actual testimonial.  He used a second smartphone to film himself doing it.  In both phones, he did not use any app – just the camera function that comes with …

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The Testimonial Process – #BYOC20201124

The Testimonial Process

“The Testimonial Process “ Nov. 24th – 2020@ 9:00 am PT David Flannery will share his process  Notes: David’s Presentation content: Why you would want to record a testimonial Choosing your customer What to record with Make an intro and exit card Find some background music Edit the video Upload to YouTube Advertise it Fred …

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3 Home Based Business Ideas For Seniors

3 Home Based Business Ideas For Seniors featured image

At this stage of your life, you have some advantages that other age cohorts are not likely to have.  To generate home-based business ideas for seniors, it will be important to discover what those advantages are. What is a Home Based Business? A “home-based business” or “HBB” can be defined as a business that is …

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Transition From Old To New – #BYOC2020526

Transition From Old To New Thumbnail

“Transition From Old To New“ May 26th – 2020 @ 9:00 am PT Techniques for making it a smooth one – A discussion  Notes: Transition is a bridge between one chapter (in your life or business) and the next.  The difference between change and transition is: Change happens to you – it is external …

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How To Enjoy Change- #BYOC2020519

How To Enjoy Change Image

“How To Enjoy Change“ May 19th-2020@ 9:00 am PT You feel the pressure to change but also feel the resistance  Notes: Initial questions: Are there changes you hope will happen now that we have experienced a pause? Our hope is: that we discover some common ground from which to create a better world. that …

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Restructuring Your Business – #BYOC2020505

Restructuring Your Business Banner

“ Restructuring Your Business“ May 5-2020 @ 9:00 am PT Idea sharing for going forward in this new world order  Notes: The questions are:  Will we need to restructure our business in this new world order?  What changes do we foresee for solopreneurs?  We can see that business is becoming more digitized. Examples:  Legal, Medical, …

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Working From Home – #BYOC2020414

Working From Home Banner

“ Working From Home“ April 14th @ 9:00 am PT LA will share a recent blog content  Notes: We make a distinction between Working At Home and Working From Home.  There is no doubt a different way of thinking in each. Problems are someone else’s problem to fix OR problems are all mine to …

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Coping With Isolation – #BYOC2020407

Coping With Isolation Banner

“Coping With Isolation“ April 7-2020 @ 9:00 am PT Group members will share their techniques  Notes: Solopreneurs tend to feel a bit isolated at the best of times because they are working at home.  Some of our usual types of contracts have dried up and we are unable to attend in-person meetings.  This has …

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Communicate A Better You and Get More Business-#BYOC20202011

Special Guest Rodney Brace

“Communicate A Better You and Get More Business“ February 11-2020 @ 9:00 am PT Special guest Rodney Brace – Encourage engagement and get repeat business      Notes: Rodney Brace, CEO of Hyphen Tech Inc. spoke about his six products that have been developed to assist entrepreneurs in acquiring and staying in touch with …

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Stay Where Your Audience Is

Stay Where Your Audience Is

“Stay Where Your Audience Is“ Jan. 28th @ 9:00 am PT Group Discussion About Avoiding “Shiny Objects”    Notes: What shiny new objects have you encountered lately?   New social media platforms ( Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Discord)  Stay where your target audience is. New Plugins – LearnDash, Elementor, Wishlist, …

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The WordCamp Experience

The Word Camp Experience

“The WordCamp Experience“ Nov. 19th @ 9:00 am PT David Flannery will share what he learned this year.  Notes: David’s Take-Aways: Lots of swag; We need to open the doors of our sites to more people and pay more attention to Accessibility on our websites; Gutenberg is here to stay.  Classic will be supported …

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Mindfulness & Meditation for Life & Business

Mindfullness & Meditation

“Mindfulness & Meditation for Life & Business“ October 22nd @ 9:00 am PT A conversation with health expert Nancy Crites  Notes: What is mindfulness?  Nancy says it’s being focused in the moment – in the NOW.  Our intention to be on the leading edge, to learn new things to share with our clients can …

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Let’s Get Back To Basics

Being Your Own CEO banner

“Let’s Get Back To Basics” August 20th @ 9:00 am PT Our History.  Why do we get together?  What could enhance the experience?  Notes: Our History goes back to December 2013 when LA staged her first Hangout On Air.  LA wanted to give solopreneurs a place to practice being online so that they can …

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