Zoom Apps- #BYOC20210831

Zoom Apps

“Zoom Apps “ Aug. 31st @ 9:00 am PT Group experiences – Vivek, LA, etc.  Notes: Apps that we discussed: Sesh Virtual Backgrounds Colibri Otter Survey Monkey Heyyo Chat #Ask Away AI Notetaker Ai Business Cards Google Calendar Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) * You can get everything in life & business …

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All About Streamyard – #BYOC20210119

All About Streamyard

“All About Streamyard “ Jan. 19-2021@ 9:00 am PT LA, David & Vivek exploring simulcasting   Notes: https://streamyard.com/ Our observations: Browser-based – best with Chrome Maximum 10 participants Live Streams to 3 sites simultaneously – your choice Comments from all 3 sites are shown in the dashboard Add your own branding Save recording Invitation link to …

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Overcome Camera Shyness- #BYOC20201117

Overcome Camera Shyness

“Overcome Camera Shyness “ Nov. 17 – 2020@ 9:00 am PT Everyone feels uncomfortable at first  Notes: “The things that we see in ourselves are never the things others people see” – Jay Neill There are many reasons why people would rather avoid being filmed in video groups such as Zoom or Google Meet: They …

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OBS Tips And Tricks

OBS Tips and Tricks Thumbnail

“OBS Tips and Tricks – #BYOC2020512” May 12th-2020 @ 9:00 am PT OBS Expert Michael Daniels provides instruction  on Showing A Half & Half Screen in OBS  Notes: After a technical delay caused by a conflict between a Zoom update and a Microsoft update, we experienced a delay while the host rebooted her computer. …

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Restream Demo – #BYOC2020428

Restream Demo Banner

“Restream Demo“ April 28-2020 @ 9:00 am PT David & LA show just how easy it is    Notes: Restream has a free as well as several premium versions.    See restream.io  The free version allows you to stream to numerous platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook profile. (If you wish to stream to Facebook …

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How to Live Stream on Facebook From Zoom- #BYOC2020225

Live Stream on Facebook From Zoom

“How to Live Stream on Facebook From Zoom“ February 25-2020 @ 9:00 am PT LowellAnn and David Flannery will share what we learned    Notes: We have successfully streamed from Zoom to Facebook Live However, we have more to learn about live-streaming from Zoom to YouTube. Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) …

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OBS Broadcaster

OBS Broadcaster

[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”6″] “OBS Broadcaster“ Dec. 17th @ 9:00 am PT Vivek and LowellAnn will share how we simplified OBS  Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) * You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler) * Be helpful – with no …

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Hosting Conversations on Zoom

Conversations On Zoom

“Hosting Conversations on Zoom“ October 15th@ 9:00 am PT Vivek & LA will share their experience. (Keeping it simple)  Notes:  1)  Getting started:  Go to Zoom.us and set up an account.  You can select Free or Pro ($14.99/mo)- both allow up to 100 participants and unlimited meetings. Pro allows for Live Streaming to several …

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Test Using WebinarBlaze

Being Your Own CEO banner

“Test Using Webinarblaze” My on-going search for a platform that includes the chat in the video.  YouTube Live Comments Andrew Hatchett ?Test successful! ?? 12:06 PM Andrew Hatchett ?Hmmm….. 12:10 PM Andrew Hatchett ?I see it says 2 waiting… 12:11 PM David Flannery ?Hello Andrew 12:11 PM Andrew Hatchett ?Hi David ?? 12:12 PM …

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