Google’s New Product Keen – #BYOC2020922

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“Google’s New Product Keen “ Sept. 22-2020@ 9:00 am PT A discovery presentation & discussion  Notes: Find Keen here: To sign up, you must have a Google account.  You begin by suggesting an area of interest (keyword).  Keen offers other keyword suggestions as well.  Easy to add items using the Bookmarklet and selecting the …

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How To Create Templates in Google Docs – #BYOC2020901

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“How To Create Templates In Google Docs  “ Sept. 1-2020@ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao has provided instruction  Notes: Google Templates save time and preserve the desired branding for your business.  The creation of templates is available only in G Suite accounts; not Gmail. First, you create the document, using the settings you desire …

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Google Hangouts Chat and Meet – #BYOC2020811

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“Google Hangouts Chat and Meet  “ Aug. 11-2020@ 9:00 am PT Exploring some Google changes – LA/Vivek  Notes: Rumour has been saying for a few years now that Hangouts will go away and be replaced by Chat and Meet.  The process has begun – Hangout Text is now showing up in Chat & vice …

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Create Google Forms

Create Google Forms

[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”10″] “Create Google Forms” Dec.10th @ 9:00 am PT Great uses for Google Forms – Vivek & LA    Notes: Google Forms uses:  contact forms, surveys, business evaluation tools, coaching support and learning management.  Keeps the visitors to a website from leaving to other platforms They can be embedded into a website, …

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Google’s No Follow Links

No Follow Links

“Google’s No Follow Links“ Oct. 8th @ 9:00 am PT We share what we have learned.  Jay Neill shares his extensive knowledge  Notes: Google implemented “no follow” links several years ago and very recently has added two more:  “sponsored” to be used where money has changed hands and “ugc” for user-generated content. These no-follow …

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