The Google Pixel #BYOC20211130

The Google Pixel

“The Google Pixel  “ Nov. 30-2021@ 9:00 am PT What do you know about this great smartphone? Vivek Rao will tell us all about his new one.  Notes: Key Features of Google Pixel Magic Eraser – Remove part of  a picture without affecting the photo negatively; Split Screen – So you can have what …

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Our Future Metaverse- #BYOC20211123

Our Future Metaverse

“Our Future Metaverse “ Nov. 23-2021@ 9:00 am PT Our VR Friend Shani Thomson will join our  discussion  Notes: The Pros You can show up the way you want to be and in the surroundings that you can create; You can live out your fantasies; You can educate yourself by visiting other parts of the …

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Using Linux Ubuntu- #BYOC20211116

Using Linux Ubuntu

“Using Linux Ubuntu “ Nov. 16-2021@ 9:00 am PT It’s a lot easier than you might think!  LA & Vivek Rao will do some demo.  Notes: Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) * You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler) * …

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About Google Chromebooks- #BYOC20211026

About Chromebooks

“About Google Chromebooks “ Oct. 26th@ 9:00 am PT The Pros and Cons of choosing Google Chromebooks to replace Microsoft  Notes: What to consider before buying a Chromebook –  How old is the CPU? When does Google support end? RAM – 4 GB or 8GB Storage capacity – 64 GB or 128 GB Your Budget …

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About Apple Laptops- #BYOC20211019

About Apple Laptops

“About Apple Laptops  “ Oct. 19th@ 9:00 am PT The Pros and Cons of choosing Apple products to replace Microsoft  Notes: Which is best?  Apple walled garden or Google fenced garden?  Interesting to discover how many systems are based on Linux – AppleOS, Android, Google OS.   Our Operating Principles: * Relationships before business (LA) …

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