Writing Product Reviews – #BYOC20210302

Writing Product Reviews

“Writing Product Reviews  “ March 2nd @ 9:00 am PT Make them organized and easy to follow.  Notes: We discuss our experiences while writing product reviews.  We consider tangible products, service and apps in our definition of “product”.  Being clear about why we are doing it and who we want to connect with.  We …

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Online Course Writing – #BYOC202102023

Online Course Writing

“Online Course Writing “ Feb.23rd @ 9:00 am PT Vivek and LA share their “Of Course Course” experience.  Notes: We have created the Of Course Course for small online business owners who manage their own website and who would like to host a course they provide to their viewers.  You design the course content; we …

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Create Compelling Content: Tips & Tricks of the Trade – #BYOC20210202Content

Create Compelling Content

“Create Compelling Content: Tips & Tricks of the Trade “ Feb 2@ 9:00 am PT A presentation by Mathieu Powell  Notes: Mathieu Powell’s tips and tricks: *  Tell a story: *  Don’t wait for inspiration – just write; *  Do lots of research first to raise your interest in the topic; *  Don’t cut and …

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How to Find Blog Ideas – #BYOC20201215

How To Find Blog Ideas

“How to Find Blog Ideas “ Dec. 15th – 2020@ 9:00 am PT When you need to write more content  Notes:  Here’s the list I created before the show: Visualize who you are writing for.  Consult your avatar and ask: “what would be helpful right now?” Do Keyword Research – Jaaxy and Hrefs Research Social …

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Improve Your Content Writing Skills – #BYOC2020825

Improve Your Content Writing Skills featured image

“ Improve Your Content Writing Skills“ Aug. 25-2020@ 9:00 am PT Always room for improvement- Alanna Birmingham will share her discoveries  Notes: How do we feel about our content writing? There is usually room for improvement; Writing good copy takes a lot of practice; Most of us are copywriting because we usually include a CTA …

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Tips On Keyword Searching – #BYOC2020728

Tips On Keyword Searching featured image

“Tips On Keyword Searching “ July 28-2020@ 9:00 am PT Without A Specialized Tool  Notes: Bootstrap approach  as outlined in David’s presentation How To Do Brand Plan Without A Keyword Tool Find your passion Determine your categories Do your research – Use alphabet soup method Check your competition – Look to see who is …

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The Key To Keywords

The Key To Keywords

“The Key to Keywords“ Sept. 24th @ 9:00 am PT Vivek Rao will share his research on keyword research.  Notes:  Contrary to practices in the past Vivek suggested that “keyword density” is not an effective way to be found in Google Search.  However, it does make sense to find keywords or phrases that your …

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