A Simple Approach To Course Development- #BYOC20210817

A Simple Approach To Course Development 

Aug. 17th@ 9:00 am PT

LowellAnn, Vivek and Fred share their techniques


Steps in the Process

  1. Identify Target Audience
  2. Determine Learning Needs & Wants
  3. What Can I Teach That Will Help Them?
  4. Set Goals & List Learning Objectives
  5. Narrow Down Learning Objectives To The Most Critical
  6. Decide Course Title
  7. Decide on Delivery Methods
  8. Create an Outline Containing All of the Above
  9. Create a Module (lesson) For Each Learning Objective
  10. Test, Evaluate, Adjust
  11. Deliver

Resources Shared:

Our Operating Principles:

* Relationships before business (LA)
* You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler)
* Be helpful – with no expectations (Bill)
* We stand for positive possibilities and keep an open mind (LA)
* We deliver our messages with integrity – we deliver what we say we will deliver (Nathan)
* We never sell anything we are not prepared to deliver impeccably (Sue)
* We exceed expectations (Alanna)
* MOZ Code – TAGFEE – Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional (Jay)
* We are respectful, cooperative and collaborative (David)
* Our sessions are comforting (Jivita)
* We are building community (Fred)
* We are having fun (Vivek)
* We share our discoveries (LA)
* We respect each other’s time and outside commitments (LA)

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