Remove Limiting Beliefs with NLP – #BYOC2020204

“Remove Limiting Beliefs with NLP”

February 4-2020 @ 9:00 am PT

Nathan Segal will give us information



Nathan suggested three NLP approaches for removing limiting beliefs:

  1. Timeline – Journey into the past to discover the root cause and dissolve the emotional link.
  2. Belief Change – Exploring how we know whether something is true or not.
  3. Anchoring – Discover the music or touch that  links to a past negative trauma 

Sources of NLP study: 

NLP Life

Richard Bandler

Milton Erickson –…

Our Operating Principles:

* Relationships before business (LA)
* You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler)
* Be helpful – with no expectations (Bill)
* We stand for positive possibilities and keep an open mind (LA)
* We deliver our messages with integrity – we deliver what we say we will deliver (Nathan)
* We never sell anything we are not prepared to deliver impeccably (Sue)
* We exceed expectations (Alanna)
* MOZ Code – TAGFEE – Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional (Jay)
* We are respectful, cooperative and collaborative (David)
* Our sessions are comforting (Jivita)
* We are building community (Fred)
* We are having fun (Vivek)
* We share our discoveries (LA)
* We respect each other’s time and outside commitments (LA)

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