Reduce Image File Size For Online – #BYOC20210518

Reduce Image File Size For Online

May 18th-2021@ 9:00 am PT

David Flannery will show us how he does it.


What David Recommends

Suggested Website Changes

  • No more hero images 
  • No more featured images unless quite small
  • Embed images into the page content

Steps For Checking Current Image Performance

  1. Go to Google speed tool to see if anything on the page needs attention.  If the image needs to be fixed it will show up.  Be sure to check both desktop and mobile.  or…
  2. Go to Media in WP backend and check the size of the image – use the list view
  3. Apply the plugin to reduce the file size
  4. Make note of any that are still above 150 Kb
  5. Use Caesium to reduce or resize – save with a unique file name (not the same as the WP image
  6. Go to the page/post containing the image – delete and upload the new image.

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