Mindfulness & Meditation for Life & Business

Mindfulness & Meditation for Life & Business

October 22nd @ 9:00 am PT

A conversation with health expert Nancy Crites


What is mindfulness?  Nancy says it’s being focused in the moment – in the NOW.  Our intention to be on the leading edge, to learn new things to share with our clients can very often pull us out of our intention to do what is important right now. We realized just how important planning becomes for the solopreneur. 

What can we do to about being overwhelmed with the number of balls we have in the air?  Nancy says take a walk in nature and breathe, ground yourself. We took a few minutes to experience Nancy’s Mindfulness Meditation where we focused on our breathing.  If you would like some personal instruction visit Nancy’s website and ask for a demo session – https://nancycrites.com/

Our Operating Principles:

* Relationships before business (LA)
* You can get everything in life & business if you help enough people get what they want (Zig Zigler)
* Be helpful – with no expectations (Bill)
* We stand for positive possibilities and keep an open mind (LA)
* We deliver our messages with integrity – we deliver what we say we will deliver (Nathan)
* We never sell anything we are not prepared to deliver impeccably (Sue)
* We exceed expectations (Alanna)
* MOZ Code – TAGFEE – Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional (Jay)
* We are respectful, cooperative and collaborative (David)
* Our sessions are comforting (Jivita)
* We are building community (Fred)
* We are having fun (Vivek)
* We share our discoveries (LA)
* We respect each other’s time and outside commitments (LA)

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