An Interview With  Solopreneur Mathieu Powell – #BYOC20201103

An Interview With  Solopreneur Mathieu Powell”

Nov. 3rd-2020@ 9:00 am PT

Discovering Mathieu’s journey into solopreneurship


Mathieu grew up in northern BC and came to Victoria in his 20’s.  He attended Camosun College and immediately got involved in writing.  One of his first projects was Senior Living Magazine (now known as Inspired – 55 Plus Lifestyle).  He has been interested in seniors and retirement throughout his career.   He says this is because his grandfathers were great storytellers.  Up until the recent COVID shutdown, he has been actively involved and MC for Elder Friendly Community Network.

He decided to work from home because he wanted to be present for his three children.  That means that he must be really organized with his time and talked about using the Bullet Journal Method.

Current projects include Seniors 101 Nanaimo Directory  (just recently completed) and a similar directory for Victoria (upcoming).  

Mathieu’s business is Coastline Marketing that can be found here: His passion is writing and he loves to interview, research and write content for other’s websites. 

It was a pleasure getting to know Mathieu better!

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