How To Stop The Spammers – #BYOC2020616

How To Stop The Spammers

June 16-2020 @ 9:00 am PT

Steps and Plugins to keep them out


 Know the difference between spam and hacking because each requires a different approach.  It’s very important to stay informed because things online change rapidly.

Spam:  Use a decoy email address for testing and joining.  Never use a password more than once and never use words or names.  Use Last Pass or some such password manager.  Don’t unsubscribe a message from someone new or strange – simply delete.

Hacking: On your website never use the suggested admin@wplogin – create your own.  Use protection plugins such as Wordfence or Akismet.  Never list your email or address – better to use a form.  Put contact details into a button so that bots are unable to scrape them.

Here’s valuable information provided by Nathan Segal:

How Spammers Get Your Email Address

Security Tips For WordPress

Here’s a very informative eBook provided by iThemes

WordPress Security for 2020

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