How To Find My Passion

What type of business do I want?  This is sometimes referred to as your Niche.  Passion is considered very important because it will sustain you through all the ups and downs and highs and lows of being in business.  Take this How To Find My Passion Course to discover it!

Your Niche Can Be About

  • a specific product or service
  • a physical location store or an online one
  • a particular client/customer group
  • a field of knowledge and/or a skill
  • something you are passionate about

“What is my passion?” you might ask.  

Sometimes this is so obvious that we are able to state it clearly and immediately.  But for some folks, it’s hard to pinpoint because they have a very wide variety of experiences and interests; they have many passions.  Or it’s not a question that has come up before so there is nothing but uncertainty.

An Exercise That Will Help You Open Up Your Past

This will help you discover your own, personal passions, interests and capabilities.  And it’s not unlike trying to discover a career direction.

In order to move forward in business development, we look at past experiences seeking some personal patterns that are of relevance in discovering and clarifying our ‘why’.  Experiences, which form the basis for career or business exploration, can come from every aspect of life. The experiences of each person are unique and a detailed, careful examination of these experiences will reveal some common life patterns that will tell us what choices we should make.

The process of answering the questions is as important as the questions themselves.  You must be actively involved in:

  •   The generation of the information;
  •   The interpretation of its meaning;
  •   The application of new insights.

How To Find My Passion Course:

This is a pen and paper experience.  Step away from all your screens for this so that you can stay totally focused on your thoughts and feelings.  Take the following steps:

Things I Like To Do List

  1. Make three lists.  Things I like to do –
    1. Leisure
    2. Education
    3. Work
  2. Choose one activity which is/was particularly enjoyable.  (It’s interesting to begin with a leisure activity)
  3. Think about a specific occasion when this activity was particularly enjoyable, and an occasion when it was not so enjoyable.
  4. On a separate page, sequentially and in narrative or list form, describe in detail the positive and negative experiences associated with these activities.  Some issues to explore are: the people involved, your feelings, thoughts, challenges, successes, motivation, and dynamics that made it either positive or negative.  Give as much detail as you can.
  5. Review your narrative and consider what patterns are suggested by the information.  Make connections to: goals, values, aptitudes, personal style and interests. Be sure your statements are framed as positive statements.
  6. Review your three lists (Things I Like To Do), and choose one or two more activities and follow the same above steps.  This will confirm what you learned from the first activity and add more insight.
  7. Consider the remaining items on the three lists.  Are there other patterns? What connections can you make to specific business choices and directions?Journal for How To Find My Passion

Are you now able to state clearly what your niche should be and what you are passionate about?  Be sure to record your conclusions in your Business Journal.

Some people can sit down with paper and pencil and easily work through an exercise like this. If you respond more readily to an objective discovery conversation, then perhaps some coaching guidance will do the trick.  See My Coaching Consulting Services for some choices.

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