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You’re here because you love the idea of an online business that provides extra income, right?  You have knowledge that others either need or desire. And maybe someone suggested you should go into business with that knowledge. But “where does one begin?” you ask. If you have the time and a desire to learn, you’re in the right place for instruction and connection with others on the same journey. 

Hi! I’m LowellAnn Fuglsang (pronounced Fullsang) and I’m an online business coach specializing in assisting retirees to create an online business through coaching, courses, networking, building websites,  and creating content. 

With my years of career counselling experience, we’ll create a plan that supports your workstyle-lifestyle goals. Contact me for a consultation to find out more.

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New solopreneurs often struggle with setting up their businesses. It’s common to feel overwhelmed. Setting up an entrepreneurial operating system will ensure success, but many are unsure of where to begin.

These courses –  How To Find My Passion, Financial Management and Create Your Business Mastery Plan are designed to help you organize your business and give you the confidence to succeed.


Join our Success Circle each Tuesday morning at 9 am PST where we discuss new technology and tips and tricks for owning your own business. 

Network With Us! You’ll be surprised by what you will learn! It’s always a thought-provoking conversation.

Sign up to be a panel member in Zoom by clicking the link below.

Success Circle

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Your Live Streaming Experience

You will find video instructions on “The Live Stream Experience” here.

How To Host Your Own Video Meeting

Learn how to host your own Google Meet or Zoom video conversation.  It’s easier than you think.

Being Your Own CEO Success Circle

Fulfil Your Dream!

Every business should have a website!  And if it’s an online business, it’s the place to begin.  You have some choices here: 

**  Done By You – You can learn how to use Word Press and create your own site.

**  Done With You – If your confidence is a bit shaky, some regular coaching will help to guide you.

**  Done For You – You create the content and an experienced web designer can create your site for a reasonable fee.