Business Financial Management For Solopreneurs

Many solopreneurs would rather give financial management to someone who knows more.  This is a very dangerous thing to do. We must have an intimate knowledge of the financial reality of our business on a regular basis, even if we choose to delegate the financial activities of bookkeeping, bill paying, and tax returns.  Since many people have a resistance based in fear and lack of knowledge about finances, I provide Business Financial Management for Solopreneurs to help you discover why you want to avoid this important aspect of business and to gain a gradual introduction and comfort with financial management.

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Mistakes People Make In Their Third Age

Last time, we defined just what the Third Age is. You can read that post here. Today we will explore the mistakes people make in their third age with the hope that you ‘third agers” will begin thinking about what yours will look like.

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What Is The Third Age?

We know that life can be viewed in stages that define what the key roles, activities and changes that occur in each. In our youth we have passed through two stages: learning/preparation and career development/responsibility, but what happens after that? Rather than relying on some labels that no longer serve us (like retiree, senior or elderly) social thinkers have looked for a term that doesn’t point to outdated realities. Research tells us that people are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives than ever before, and therefore we need a new term that is neutral and without traditional, negative connotations of the youth culture of days gone by – Third Age, Third Chapter, Third Act are examples. How do we define these terms? What is the Third Age?

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