Module Intro – Business Mastery Plan For Solopreneurs

Are you about to create an online business?  Quite likely you’ve been mulling this over for a while and have started to discover and learn some tools to help you get started. So you haven’t given much thought to a business plan.  Numerous authors (Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Alan Kakelin) will tell you that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” So you do some Googling and discover that the topic of business planning comes up frequently but you feel nothing but overwhelm whenever you think about it.  And you find yourself asking:

  • Do I really need a business plan if I’m only planning a sole proprietorship?
  • Do I really need one if I’m not going to be approaching a bank for a business loan?
  • What is the point in creating a document that will land on a shelf somewhere?

A Business Plan is defined as “a written description of your business’ future; it tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.” (  I like to refer to it as a Business Mastery Plan because “mastery” infers success.

If you are looking at playing in an online hobby, you likely don’t need one.  But if you are looking at creating a business that has customers, clients  and income then you need to build a road map to ensure that you achieve what you are dreaming about.

Why Create A Business Mastery Plan?

  • So that you can summarize the results of your business research;
  • You can think things through and gain real clarity about this venture;
  • Allows you to record your plans and objectives so that you know what comes next and you don’t lose your focus;
  • Gives you a personal accountability tool that allows you to measure your progress;
  • Ensures you turn your vision into reality.  It’s just for you!

What Should The Plan Look Like?

  • It must be in writing – paper or online version depends on your style;
  • It should be only as long as it needs to be;
  • It should be in your own words and terminology;
  • It should be in a form that inspires you – visuals, formatting, etc.
  • It must be readily accessible for gaining focus and inspiration;
  • It must be readily amendable so that it reflects the changes that will occur.

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Module One Your Vision
Module Two Your Mission, Values and Business Ethics
Module Three Definition of Your Product or Service
Module Four Your Business Model and Fee Structure
Module Five Your Marketing Plan
Module Six Your Legal Structure
Module Seven Your Financials
Module Eight Your Business Systems
Module Nine Your Information Systems
Module Ten Pulling It All Together