About Zorin OS and Ubunto Mate- #BYOC2021102

About Zorin OS and Ubunto Mate 

Nov. 2nd@ 9:00 am PT

The Pros and Cons of choosing Linux systems to replace Microsoft


Linux has many flavours:  Zorin,  Kabuntu, Labuntu, Ubuntu Mate and others.  All are open source.

How to Download and Install Ubuntu Mate

  1. Start with an empty USB stick;
  2. Download Rufus Downloader & install;
  3. Use Rufus to load the Ubuntu software to the data stick;
  4. Boot your computer using the USB data stick;
  5. Create your profile and password as instructed;
  6. Download the programs you will need – such as Google Chrome, Gimp, VLC

If you need help, contact me here.  I will set you up with Vivek Rao.

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